Roof Waterproofing in Scottsdale

Bel Southwest Inc is the leading roof waterproofing contractor in the area. We serve both residential and commercial property owners, helping them get the longest lifespan out of their roofing systems.

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Protect Your Property with a Waterproof Roof Coating

Day in and day out, year after year, your roof withstands all sorts of weather and heavy precipitation. Over time, even the sturdiest roofing materials are bound to fail under the pressure of rainwater. When water seeps through your roof tiles or shingles, support beams begin to rot, and mold and mildew begin to grow. This can lead to a host of safety hazards and property risks.

Thankfully, the costly catastrophes of water damage are entirely preventable. At Bel Southwest Inc, we specialize in waterproofing roof systems of all kinds. By applying premium, high-strength membranes, we’ll create a waterproof barrier that will effectively seal off your roof from water intrusion.

Consult with a Roofing Contractor

At our roofing company, we don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions. Different roofs react differently to various waterproof roof coatings, and we take the time to make sure our membranes are suitable for your property. We hand-select our liquid products to ensure the coat will be effective and long-lasting.

To develop a customized waterproofing solution, we’ll send one of our team members to your property, obligation-free. We’ll analyze your existing roof’s surface to determine which product will adhere the best and ultimately provide the most durable bond and barrier against water. We’ll also assess the amount of labor required to wash and coat the roof as a whole. From there, we’ll put together an accurate cost estimate for your consideration.

Rainproof Roofing: Our Process

We stand apart from the competition because of the diligence and care we put into our application process. We take every precaution to make sure our application strategy surpasses industry standards.

The first step to waterproofing your roof is cleaning your roof. Using high-quality cleaning agents that are safe on roofs, we’ll rid the substrate of all debris and dust that might prevent proper adhesion. From there, we’ll prime the surface and treat the details, such as corners, breaks in flashing, pipes, and vents. Now that your roof is fully prepped for waterproofing, our contractors will masterfully apply the liquid membrane in multiple layers.

Roofing Workmanship Quality Assurance

When we said we stand apart for our detail-oriented process, we meant it. On every job, we have an on-site supervisor verifying the quality assurance of all our work. We will thoroughly inspect and test every stage of our application process to ensure optimal results.

By the time we’re through, your roof will be ready for whatever Mother Nature can throw at it.

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Bel Southwest Inc offers a wide range of roofing services, and roof waterproofing is our specialty. We perform our services to superior standards of technical excellence, providing roofs across Scottsdale with superior resistance to water damage.

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